Microsoft Project


Saving the Baseline Plan

Creating a base line plan

Setting the baseline plan

Viewing the baseline statistics


Tracking Project Progress

Examining the Tracking Gantt chart

Formatting the current date line

Updating tasks that started & finished on schedule  & tasks that finished late

Displaying progress lines

Updating the percent of duration complete

Updating the percent of work complete

Updating remaining work using the Task Usage view

Viewing progress in the PERT chart


Adjusting the Schedule

Splitting a task

Using Detail Gantt to view interim plans

Setting an interim baseline plan

Creating a Interim Gantt Chart

Risks & Issues

Working with Resources

Delaying resource work

Assigning overtime

Removing effort driven scheduling from a task


Managing Multiple Projects

Determining when to use a subproject

Inserting projects into the main project

Linking a predecessor to a successor within

consolidated projects

Assigning a high priority project

Sharing resources from another project

Updating and refreshing the resource pool

Levelling shared resources


Importing and Exporting Data

Importing resource information from Excel

Exporting task information to Excel


Customizing the Microsoft Project Environment

Copying Views and Tables