Microsoft Outlook

Exploring the Outlook Environment 

Open and reply to a Message

Reply using Inline Replies

Start Lync IM conversations

Focus on messages using the All Read or All Unread Buttons

Print a Message

Delete a Message


Organizing Messages 

Open and Save an Attachment

Flag a Message

Create a Folder

Move Messages to a Folder

Copy Messages to Folders

Delete a Folder

Sort Messages by categories


Scheduling Meetings 

Schedule a Meeting

Reply to a Meeting Request

Propose a New Meeting Time

Track Meeting Responses

Microsoft Outlook


View Free/busy information

Working times

Print the Calendar


Managing Simple Tasks 

Create a Task and Allocate Tasks

Update a Task

Sorting by Categories

Scheduling Appointments 

Explore the Outlook Calendar

Schedule an Appointment

Assign a Category to an Appointment

Update Calendar Entries

Sharing Calendars

Private Appointments


Managing Contacts 

Add a Contact

Sort Contacts

Edit/Delete Contacts

Print Contacts

Create a distribution list