Microsoft Excel Introductory

Exploring the Excel Environment

The Excel Screen
Customise the Quick Access Toolbar

Getting Help

Working with an Excel Worksheet

Move around Microsoft Excel

Add & Edit Data in cells

Save the workbook

Modifying a Worksheet 

Insert, delete rows &  columns
Find & Replace

Printing Workbook Contents

Print a worksheet

Fit to one page

Using Page Break Preview

Formatting Worksheets

Modify Fonts

Borders & Shading

Change Row height & Column width

Merge cells contents (vertically & horizontally)

Apply number formats & use Format Painter

Use Autocorrect

Spell Check a Worksheet

Developing a Workbook

Rename worksheet & reorder the worksheets

Change the tab colour

Move a worksheet between workbooks

Performing Calculations 


Create basic formula & functions

Absolute & Relative cell reference

Common formula errors

Customizing Layout 

Hide & unhide worksheets

Set print title

Set page margins & orientation

Print a range


Creating & formatting basic charts